Is Your Child Suffering from Environmental or Food Allergies? We Offer Help Right Here In Our Office!

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An allergy is not only a nuisance but also can be dangerous – especially for our little humans. At The Ark Children’s Clinic, We don’t waste time referring you to an allergy specialist across the bridge in Memphis that can’t see your child for another 40 days and 40 nights. Because environmental allergies are so prevalent in our area, we offer allergy services in-house through United Allergy Services so that we can find out what your child is sensitive to and get them started with a solution on the same day!

We Have an Urgent Care In-House for Even Quicker Service

Allergy Testing

At The Ark Children’s Clinic we can safely test for environmental and food allergies in our office and provide a solution in-house on the same day. We don’t want your child to be uncomfortable any longer than they have been – we have specialized providers available who can identify the allergen and prescribe a medication that your child can begin within minutes. Relief is on the way!
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Immunotherapy has been proven as a successful treatment for allergies. It uses the patient’s immune system to fight off the “threat” and subsequently make the immune system stronger. Immunotherapy for allergies involves the patient receiving allergy shots a few times per year. The shots contain a small amount of the allergen – causing the patient’s body to grow accustomed to it. It’s commonly used for patients who are allergic to pollen, dust, grass, and bees.

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Because when they get exposed to them they develop hives!

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