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Pediatric Care in Marion, AR | The Ark Children’s Clinic
You know the drill… the doctor writes you up a prescription and sends it to your pharmacy so you can drive there and either sit in the drive-thru or stand in line until the pharmacist fills your order and finally hands it over. We really shouldn’t be surprised that many people never pick up their prescriptions. That’s why, at our clinic, we decided to bring the pharmacy to us!

At The Ark Children’s Clinic and Mitchell Family Medicine in Marion, AR, we have an in-house pharmacy and full-time pharmacist on staff, filling prescriptions for patients all day. If you visit our clinic and are prescribed a new medication, you can pick it up at The Local Pharm down the hall or we can bring it to your exam room. Talk about service!

What does a fish do when it needs medicine? It calls the pharma-sea!

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

It’s true – people love to get their prescriptions filled by The Local Pharm because of the convenience. The pharmacy happens to be extra awesome because…
  • we offer the best prices on prescription medications through our free-to-join “Local Pharmer’s Club,”
  • we accept any valid prescription from any licensed prescriber in the US,
  • and our customer service just can’t be beaten!
Pediatric Care in Marion, AR | The Ark Children’s Clinic
Are You Sick of Your Current Pharmacy?

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